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Nice review of my "ghost in the shell" project

I can see some challenging images here, and it seems to me you are a talented and creative photographer with high aesthetic criteria and also a sensitive person with social concerns. Your pictures are individual shots, but they are shared common features as their aesthetic, their technical quality, and their conceptual character. This is great because testifies to the existence of the same person behind the camera: a conscious photographer who has already find his visual style.

Looking at your images as a whole I see young people posing with confidence. Τheir facial features are difficult to identify because of the same transparent mask they wear. I think that this combination (of the age and expression of your models and the existence of the silicon mask) leads to the success of this particular work. Your choices were wise because through these you managed to support the idea behind the portraits in a very interesting and original way: The confusion that prevails among young people who think that changing their appearance according to the standards of the time will upgrade their identity. Generally, the choice of young people leads the subject of plastic surgery to beauty in thoughts that worry us much more than if we were seeing adults led to plastic surgery to hide their age. Beyond that, your work has also a documentary character (and value) as you look at a specific group of young people living in the same country and belonging to the same social class. Thus, your project becomes multi-layered and open to more than one interpretation, which proves that it is an artwork. It also leads us to speak about racism, consumerism etc.

As regards your title, I found it brilliant as it expands the content and gives it a metaphorical dimension. Even if viewers have not seen the homonymous film, they can link the title to the content of the work. The title also emphasizes the issue of identity in relation to the appearance and content of a person at a time when the appearance is overrated. The silicone mask due to black and white reminiscent of the film's digital mask. The fact that it does not cover the facial characteristics but actually deforms them also shows how much these young people are willing to pay the cost of the possible failure of a plastic surgery under the unsafe conditions you describe.

I saw all the above because I chose to see your images as a series and not as individual pictures. If I had done the opposite, I probably would stay more on the external appearance of images and their technical and aesthetic features. But here we have a project with a title, statement, and images that prove its existence. Technically and aesthetically your pictures are fantastic. The black background highlights the witness that mask gives to faces and creates the illusion of a ghost who emerge from the darkness.

You have the gift, the experience, and the aesthetic for creating a remarkable personal work but as I told you above, you have to show it as it deserves.

My engagement with your work was an exciting and pleasant experience.

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