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Who do your children sleep with?

It's 2am. A girl connects in a video. She is dressed normal. Maybe a little sexy, wearing shorts and a small t-shirt. She is connected by her home in a remote village, in the rice fields. The walls are made of wood and you can see a bed covered with mosquito nets. The poor furniture and some old pictures hanging on the wall tell us that the family does not have to be rich. There are already over 700 people from all over the world connected, looking at her and talking to her. Japanese, Thai, Korean and some Arab. All men. They write messages and send little hearts icons as “Like”. Then someone connects in video, everyone can see and hear it and participate in the video chat by writing something. The connected man is old, a middle-aged Thai. Some viewers comment, others continue to send messages to the girl. She follows everyone and everything, speaks in video chat with the man and in the meantime responds to messages that arrive with smiles. She is pretty and sometimes, someone asks her to uncover her legs or take off her shirt. Then the video-connected man makes advances. Start to doing strange verses with the mouth, imitating a cunilingus. He asks her if she is engaged or if she has a boyfriend. Then he asks her where she lives and insists with the “tongue play”. The girl does not seem to like too much but she smiles. Even because the connected guy has sent her many virtual gifts, icons and hearts that she can then turn into real money. Because on this chat there is a system of monetization of virtual "gifts" that admirers can make to the streamers. An incentive to go online, to put your life in video. And a way to make some money. The problem with this story, which seems like a normal chat story, is that the connected girl is about 9 years old. And there are dozens of connected girls, who every night put themselves in streaming for thousands of people. Strangers looking for something. They submit to requests and discussions that they should not address at the age of 9. They are "thanked" with coins and virtual hearts, and they learn that for every blink and for every sexy movement they can have money in return. In the meantime, they become accustomed to a system that should, if anything, not belong to other ages. Same chat other story. It’s morning. This time a nice boy. Twenty years or more. We are in a government office, he wears a uniform and behind him, writing desks and computers. You see company schemes on the walls and his superiors talking. And you can hear everything obviously. Streaming. Live. Connect to watch a few hundred people. And everyone can hear what's going on in the office because he's streaming it for hours, holding the phone on the desk. Goodbye privacy, confidentiality and company policies. I had promised myself to write a piece and so I did. But this is an inquiry that needs space and more time. I've been following this story for 8 months and I've seen many things ... Because streaming is done everywhere. From school, inside the school classrooms, from the private and pubblic offices, at night leaving the telephone camera on even during sleep. Maybe someone should start digging deeper.

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