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Ning is a professional tour guide who used to work in Pattaya. Her children stayed with their grandparents while she looked after the family. Her village is far away. It is more than 20 hours by car from Pattaya where she worked, but the fact of bringing home a decent salary gave her the strength to keep going. Now because of the Covid19 pandemic she lost her job and had to go back home. She had to reinvent herself. She started teaching English online, she set up an office in the dining room and bought a fridge to sell milk and dairy products online. 

Aum worked as a dancer in Pukhet. Due to the closure of all nightclubs, the departure of all tourists and the closure of the island to the public, she had to return to her hometown which is thousands of kilometers from where she worked. She is a single mother and have a lto of responsabilities, she has recently moved from her village to the nearest town. A rural area, however, where businesses seem to flourish and she has had to reinvent herself as a singer. She now lives in a hotel room and is thinking of opening a hairdressing or beautician shop.

Pung is a chef who used to work in five-star hotels. With the total closure of most of the hotels she was forced to return home to look for new opportunities. She has now set up with her cousin a business of trading in small objects, flowers and sweets. She always dreams of going back to being a chef but for now, the new business is doing good and she employs five people.

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