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Italian photographer captures the struggle of a centuries-old Bangkok community as it tries to stave off its demolition.

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Koh Kood island is a real paradise and people who live here seem to come from the past.

A quick report from those that were the selections for the new season of  the famous TV format The Face Thailand (season 3). More than a thousand girls arrive from all over the world to participate. Friends and family to help out. All th...

Tokyo is a great little town. Thousands of busy people move neatly along the thousand of rail networks and bus lines that serve the city. Difficult to grasp the different souls of this mysterious city and many times indecipherable. 

Songkran festival is well known for its folly. between water and colored powders. Big attractions every years for foreigner tourists in Bangkok, Pattaya and Pucket. But what happens in small villages it has a different flavor. It's a col...

The Tibet road is marked. No way back. Not anymore. Chinese tourism asks for space, Chinese industry calls for resources and Chinese agriculture needs those waters and those lands. The Tibetan people have no more space. They picks up the...

 Dress: Comme des Garçons. Location: Pattaya Thailand.

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